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New Closed-End Fund Statistics for 4Q2011 from The Investment Company Institute (ICI)

by on February 27, 2012

ICI Reports Quarterly Closed-End Fund Assets

Washington, DC, February 24, 2012 – The combined assets of the nation’s closed-end funds were $238.80 billion at the end of December 2011, ICI reported today in a quarterly statistical collection of closed-end funds.

Total closed-end fund assets increased $2.36 billion during the fourth quarter. Equity fund assets increased by $452 million to $93.76 billion, and bond fund assets increased by $1.91 billion to $145.04 billion.

ICI’s data collection also includes the value of new proceeds invested in closed-end funds and the total number of funds. For the quarter, there was $2.63 billion in proceeds to closed-end funds, compared with $2.42 billion in the third quarter. There were 634 closed-end funds at the end of the fourth quarter. Bond funds numbered 421, and equity funds totaled 213. There were 624 closed-end funds at year-end 2010.

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