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George Cole Scott’s Back Cover Praises for Dr. Mobius’ “The Little Book of Emerging Markets: How to Make Money in the World’s Fastest Growing Markets”

by on April 11, 2012


Praise for The Little Book of Emerging Markets

“This lucidly written Little Book shows how far Mobius has come since his mentor, John Templeton, taught him how to look for overseas bargains. Now investing in over 60 countries, he lists many rules for investment success. He warns investors to diversify their portfolios with funds to counteract high market volatility in these markets, adding that the world ‘belongs to the optimists.'”

George Cole Scott, President, Closed-End Fund Advisors

From the Inside Flap

Emerging markets offer some of the best investment opportunities in the world. And while there are no guarantees of investment success in this field, there are plenty of lessons—such as focusing on fundamentals, tolerating market volatility, and taking a long-term view—that can put you in a better position to excel.

Having worked in emerging countries for more than forty years, Mark Mobius—considered the father of emerging markets investing—has learned a great deal about how these markets operate and where money can be made in them. Now, withThe Little Book of Emerging Markets, he shares his extensive experience with you.

Page by page, Mobius puts his approach to these markets in perspective, with discussions of:

  • The importance of emerging markets as an investment destination
  • Investment instruments that allow access to these markets—from emerging market mutual funds to depository listings of emerging market companies
  • The realities of emerging market risk and how to capitalize on it
  • Finding future growth in frontier markets, which are younger and less developed than emerging markets
  • Profiting from a firm understanding of the macro and micro views of an emerging market

Throughout the book, you’ll also find “Field Notes” from Mobius’ recent trips to countries considered to have emerging or frontier markets. These notes highlight industries to watch out for and offer a glimpse into the sentiment there.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, The Little Book of Emerging Markets will equip you with information needed to successfully navigate these markets and find the best possible investments within them.

This book is set to be published April 24, 2012 and is available in print and for the Kindle:

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