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New Webinar: Can CEFs Help Build a 6.25%+ Tax-Free Yielding Portfolio?* (March 4, 2014 at 4:15pm EST)

by on February 20, 2014


How might using closed-end funds help you build a generally higher yielding tax-free municipal portfolio?

This 25 minute session will cover closed-end funds and how they work in general. Muni CEFs account for about 1/3 of 600 closed-end funds. CEFA will discuss what is “normal” across the muni sector, what benefits and risks investors should be made aware of before investing and where you can find free and paid help on the sector. We plan to record the session and will share the slides and replay links with all registered attendees, so please register even if you know you cannot attend and want to receive this information.

Time: March 4th, 2014 at 4:15PM EST

Register to attend Live or receive Replay Links:

During The Session We Will Discuss:

  + Discounts: What is Normal, Now and Historically 
  + Leverage: Types Used and Cost of Leverage for CEFs 
  + Duration: The Difference Between Duration and Maturity  
  + Credit Quality: When High Yield is Less Risky than Investment Grade 
  + Total Return NAV Performance: Why it Matters & How to Judge Portfolio Managers and Expense Ratios. 
  + Ways to Reduce The Risk of Dividend Cuts: When to “Buy-and-Hold” and When to be “Tactical” 

Note: * The average market price yield on a National Municipal CEF is 6.4% according to CEFA’s Universe Data as of 2/14/14. 

CEFA will discuss how it created its new Muni Portfolio Models: National and NY State Focused. The session will take both pre-requested and live Q&A session after the prepared presentation.

Register to attend Live or receive Replay Links:

 Disclosures: CEFA is an registered investment advisory (RIA) firm that  has specialized in CEF Data, Research, Trading and Portfolio Management since 1989. This session is intended to educate investors and financial advisors on closed-end funds, municipal closed-end funds (in depth) and the various services the firm can offer. Market price yield is not performance; investments might lose value and this is not an offer to buy or sell any specific securities. Visit their website: or their blog: to learn more.

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