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REPLAY LINKS– March 4, Webinar “Can CEFs Help Build a 6.25%+ Tax-Free Yielding Portfolio?*”

by on March 5, 2014
ImageThe replay file is approximately 52MB and may take a while to load or download in your web-browser. We find it helpful to have the most recent version or you web browser and a fast internet connection.  (Generally in our experience, Internet Explorer buffers and plays the file while downloading and Chrome and Firefox download the entire file before it may be viewed).

You will need to install GotoMeeting/Webinar’s Codec File:

Webinar Replay
We decided to send a current copy of our CEFU data on the two muni CEF funds most requested by registrants. NAD and NID. It will allow you to scan and compare their respective data across many areas.
For those not familiar with the definition of all our CEFU data points, their is a tab in the XLS file a well as a link to definitions that is updated regularly as we add more information.

CEFA’s Universe Definitions File:

During the session we referenced two articles published in the past year here are links to them on our blog (

“How Municipal Bond Dividend Cuts Impact NAV Performance and Investor Sentiment”

“UNII And Earnings Trends: 95% Predictive For Closed-End Bond Fund Dividend Cuts”

Some asked about Return of Capital: Here is a short video covering our perspective on it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or have interest in the model or any of our other services.
Our Services Include are:
  • Discretionary Investment Management of Client Accounts of through Financial Advisors/ Planners
  • Daily CEF News Alert Service
  • Weekly CEF Universe Data XLS (130+ data points) and 2 PDF Files (Overview and summary charts)
  • Monthly Best Ideas List.which is being updated and released next Wednesday for the March 2014 issue.
  • Hourly consulting, one-time and ongoing projects
FYI –  If a 2014 Financial Facts Resource would be helpful, you can download it from our website using the following link: or request a hard copy if we are sending you other information via US mail.

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