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BDCs Attract Yield Seekers: “Who ‘Cousin’ BDC Is”

by on August 21, 2014

BDC-Video-CapLink-2014-04August 18th, 2014

Business Development Companies, a CEF “cousin,” are gaining attention from yield-seeking investors, says John Cole Scott of CEF Advisors.

More people are covering them and I think you’ll see a lot more from the Closed-End Fund Association, which now allows them as a member organization.  So I think investors and advisors will be hearing much more about BDCs going forward.

Business Development Companies are closed-ended management companies… Our firm was interested in them because of their fixed capital, active management and investment liquidity.  And they’re growing tremendously. We expect maybe 10 IPOs this year.  We’ve already had, I think, four or five. …

Watch the 2:37 minute Video:

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