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Webinar Replay: Accessing CEFs via ETFs, UITs & Separately Managed Accounts

by on December 30, 2014
Pristine-CEFNetworkLogoModerated by: Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, President and CEO of Pristine Advisers

Participants: John Cole Scott, Portfolio Manager and EVP of Closed-End Fund Advisors

Kevin Mahn, President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Hennion & Walsh Asset  Management  / SmartTrust® UITs

Herb Blank, Head of Business Development, Managing Dir. of ESG Solutions at S-Network Global Indexes and  Steering Committee  Chairperson of QWAFAFEW

During the Session, We Covered:

  • The value of buying exposure to permanent capital with daily liquidity
  • Benefits of low cost leverage to potentially enhance portfolio yield
  • Gaining access to inefficient markets through the generally repeatable alpha of a CEFs discount pattern
  • Balancing fundamental and CEF data in portfolio construction.
  •  Portfolio Selection Criteria for ETFs Accessing Closed-End Funds
  • Strategic and Tactical uses for Closed-End Fund ETFs
  •  Screening for Income Producing CEFs within a UIT
  • Pre-submitted and Live Q&A

Click Here for Replay:  

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