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Chuck Jaffe MoneyLife “Market Call” Interview of John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors on April 2, 2018.

by on April 10, 2019
John Cole Scott, CIO @ CEF Advisors was back on Money Life with Chuck Jaffe. During the interview: Business Development Companies (BDCs), Preferred Equity, Municipal Bond CEFs. New Money Life LogoHe discussed the value in contractual income from funds and how they might help you get  though economic bumps or even a recession. 
Closed-End Funds (CEFs) in Focus: 
$GHY –  PGIM Global High Yield Fund (High Yield Sector) 
$JRI – Nuveen Real Asset Income &  Growth Fund (REIT & Real Asset Fund) 
  • With a CEF you are buying the common stock of an investment company (the fund) NOT the net asset value (NAV) = Volatility from retail “Fear” & “Greed”. 
  • Don’t just buy the “Yield” OR “Discount”!
  • Analyze After-Tax Yield, Duration, Leverage, Beta to S&P 500 and portfolios holdings Correlation
  • Dividend risk too high OR just right? … Look at a fund’ “Leverage Adjusted NAV Yield”
Listen to whole show (60 minutes): April 2nd Episode of “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe”
Listen to John Cole Scott’s interview ONLY April 2nd “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe”

Hold It or Fold It BUY Calls:


$EMO, Clearbridge Midstream Opportunity Fund – MLP Sector
$BIT, Blackrock Multi-Sector Income Fund – Multisector Bond Sector
Hold It or Fold It SELL Calls:
$NAN  Nuveen NY Quality Muni Income Fund, Swap Idea: $NVG  Nuveen AMT-Free Muni Credit Income Fund
$HPI, John Hancock Preferred Income Fund, Swap Idea: $FLC Fleherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund
$ACV Alliance Global Investors Diversified Income & Convertible Fund, Swap Idea: $AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities & Income Fund


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