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The Case For Closed-End Funds, With John Cole Scott

by on March 22, 2023

Closed-end funds and similar products offer a compelling opportunity for High Net Worth investors, but many investors do not understand these products, or how they can fit into an overall portfolio strategy.

John Cole Scott, president at Closed-End Fund Advisors, joins Andy Hagans to discuss how he helps clients generate alpha with closed-end funds, BDCs, and interval funds.

*Background on John’s career, and how he was “apprenticed” into the closed-end fund and wealth management space.
*Why closed-end funds offer the opportunity for alpha for enterprising investors and advisors.
*The differences between BDCs and closed-end funds, and which product wrapper has the most momentum in the market right now.
*John’s thoughts on whether interval funds and similar intermittent liquidity products should be thought of as primarily liquid, or primarily illiquid.
*John’s predictions on where the industry may go in the next three to five years.

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