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John Cole Scott Interviewed by Benzinga (Part 1)

John Cole Scott, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Closed-End Benzinga LogoFund Advisors, was recently interviewed by Tim Melvin, staff writer for Benzinga. Click below to read part one of the interview and learn more about Closed-End Fund Advisors. Part two will be available shortly.

[Click Here to Read Part One]

Chuck Jaffe MoneyLife “Market Call” Interview of John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors on February 9, 2017.

MoneyLifeliveWe discussed the firm’s investment approach, sectors and funds we currently see as attractive Master Limited Partnership (MLPs), Municipal Bond, US Equity and Debt focused (BDCs), as well as, commentary on some of Chuck’s listeners CEFs of interest for his well-known “Hold It or Fold It” segment. We also discussed the development of our own benchmarks.

You can listen to the show by clicking this link: [Click Here] Or, copy and past the following link:

MoneyLife host Chuck Jaffe is senior columnist for MarketWatch. His three weekly columns are syndicated nationally, and his “Your Funds” column is the most widely read feature on mutual fund investing in America. In 2009, Chuck was named to MutualFundWire’s list of the 40 Most Influential People in Fund Distribution, the only journalist ever to make the list. Learn more on their website:

CEFs / BDCs Discussed:
GGE, SAR, DMF, SRV; during “Hold It or Fold It:” GDL, CTR, OXLC, ABDC, BKK

CEF Advisors Launches 25 Indexes to Cover the Entire $265 Billion US Listed Closed-End Fund (CEF) and Business Development Company (BDC) Universe

CEF Advisors’ launches 25 indexes to cover the entire closed-end fund (CEF) and business development company (BDC) universe. The indexes cover both bond and equity sector indexes as well as diversified portfolio objective indexes for example; the High Income Index and the Tax-Sensitive Income Index. The indexes are priced daily with data since 12/31/16, however, we are working by quarter-end to offer index data from 12/31/2011 to present as we have the data in our internally collected research system and database launched in 2012.

Data will be available on the indexes for additional benchmarking purposes including weighted discount, yield, leverage, duration, beta and other metrics for the underlying constituent funds. The indexes will be rebalanced quarterly.
The indexes were developed to help CEF Advisors monitor our separately managed accounts and model portfolio service as well as help our research/data clients and peers better benchmark themselves. John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors said, “We are pleased to offer better visualization of our data collection and production efforts which now has five years in internally collected data. We believe our ability to show the indexes’ weighted data, in addition to the typical performance calculations should help individuals and investment professionals properly benchmark their CEF/BDC allocations.”
The firm’s index project can be monitored via: They offer a performance table and a data table webpage summarizing each index. Clicking on each indexes’ name opens a detailed page containing the following information: 1. Index Methodology, 2. Market Price and Net Asset Value Performance, 3. Discounts, 4. Data Characteristics, 5. Holdings’ Asset Allocation, 6. Constituent Funds, and 7. Daily index market price and net asset value pricing.
Diversified Portfolio Indexes:
  1. 12 Major Sectors:
  2. High Income:
  3. Equity Income:
  4. 60 / 40 Balanced (w/ BDCs):
  5. Tax-Sensitive Income:
  6. Taxable Bond & BDC:
  7. Discount CEF/BDC:
  8. Premium CEF/BDC:
CEF Advisors uses CEFs as the building blocks for an entire portfolio, so wanted a better way to track their progress for clients. Previous portfolio style indexes seemed only focused on taxable bond and equity based CEF indexes and did not offer tracking for thematic investments.

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John Cole Scott Quoted in Barron’s Article: “11 REIT Plays for Income and Inflation Protection”


Please read the article here and see what John Cole Scott likes in REIT Closed-End Funds. Subscription may be required.

Click Here to view:

CEF Advisors’ Quarterly Closed-End Fund and BDC Universe Update, IPO Review & Outlook

On January 11th we held our Quarterly Closed-End Fund and BDC Universe Update, cef-and-bdc-review-and-outlook-for-4th-quarter-2016Outlook, IPO Review & Outlook.

Please watch the replay or download the slides to see what trends we covered in the CEF industry including:

*Discounts & Discount Trends
*Yield and Yield Trends
*Dividend Changes
*Last Quarter’s and Recent Peer-group performance (NAV and Market Price).
*UNII, Earnings and Return of Capital (RoC) Trends
* Recent CEF IPO’s
* Liquidity & Liquidity Trends
* Activist Updates & Trends
* CEF Deaths & Mergers
* NAV vs. Market Price Volatility
* New CEF Universe Data
* 2017 Outlook
* Pre-submitted & Live Q&A

Replay Link
Slides in PDF Format

Discounts As “Leverage”

One way to look at closed-end fund discounts is to view them as “free leverage,” says jcs-discounts-as-leverage
John Cole Scott of CEF Advisors in Investius News.
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John Cole Scott Quoted in Two Barron’s Articles (subscription may be required)

We were pleased to help Barron’s cover the closed-end barrons-logo

fund sector on October 22, and December 3, 2016.

Click Here to see John Cole Scott quoted in Barron’s Article A Closed-End Fund Shopping List.

Click Here to see John Cole quoted in Barron/s Article It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at MLPs.