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John Cole Scott Quoted in Kiplinger’s article ” 33 Ways to Get Higher Yields”

John Cole Scott of Closed-End Fund Advisors was recently quoted in a May 3, 2019 Kiplinger red logoKiplinger article by John Waggoner. Click on the link below to read the article titled “33 Ways to Get Higher Yields” to see what John had to say regarding closed-end funds.


Click here to read article (subscription may be required)

CEF Advisors’ Quarterly Closed-End Fund, BDC Universe, and Interval Closed-End Fund Update, IPO Review & Outlook April 11, 2019

On April 11th we held our Quarterly Closed-End Fund, BDC Universe, and Closed-End Interval Fund Update, Outlook, and IPO Review.  Cover Slide for 1Q 2019 Webinar

Please watch the replay or download the slides to see what trends we covered in the CEF industry including:

*Discounts & Discount Trends
*Yield and Yield Trends
*Dividend Changes
*Last Quarter’s and Recent Peer-group performance (NAV and Market Price).
*UNII, Earnings and Return of Capital (RoC) Trends
* Recent CEF IPO’s
* Liquidity & Liquidity Trends
* Activist Updates & Trends
* CEF Deaths & Mergers
* NAV vs. Market Price Volatility
* New CEF Universe Data
* 2019 Outlook
* Pre-submitted & Live Q&A

Slides in PDF Format

Chuck Jaffe MoneyLife “Market Call” Interview of John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors on April 2, 2018.

John Cole Scott, CIO @ CEF Advisors was back on Money Life with Chuck Jaffe. During the interview: Business Development Companies (BDCs), Preferred Equity, Municipal Bond CEFs. New Money Life LogoHe discussed the value in contractual income from funds and how they might help you get  though economic bumps or even a recession. 
Closed-End Funds (CEFs) in Focus: 
$GHY –  PGIM Global High Yield Fund (High Yield Sector) 
$JRI – Nuveen Real Asset Income &  Growth Fund (REIT & Real Asset Fund) 
  • With a CEF you are buying the common stock of an investment company (the fund) NOT the net asset value (NAV) = Volatility from retail “Fear” & “Greed”. 
  • Don’t just buy the “Yield” OR “Discount”!
  • Analyze After-Tax Yield, Duration, Leverage, Beta to S&P 500 and portfolios holdings Correlation
  • Dividend risk too high OR just right? … Look at a fund’ “Leverage Adjusted NAV Yield”
Listen to whole show (60 minutes): April 2nd Episode of “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe”
Listen to John Cole Scott’s interview ONLY April 2nd “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe”

Hold It or Fold It BUY Calls:


$EMO, Clearbridge Midstream Opportunity Fund – MLP Sector
$BIT, Blackrock Multi-Sector Income Fund – Multisector Bond Sector
Hold It or Fold It SELL Calls:
$NAN  Nuveen NY Quality Muni Income Fund, Swap Idea: $NVG  Nuveen AMT-Free Muni Credit Income Fund
$HPI, John Hancock Preferred Income Fund, Swap Idea: $FLC Fleherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund
$ACV Alliance Global Investors Diversified Income & Convertible Fund, Swap Idea: $AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities & Income Fund


Learn more about the show:
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Money Life with Chuck Jaffe is leading the way in business and financial radio.The Money Life Podcast is sorting through the financial clutter every day to bring you the information you need to do better with Money Life

JohnCole Scott Quoted in ThinkAdvisor Article

Click HERE to see what John Cole Scott had to say about closed-end funds in a recent ThinkAdvisor article. Think-Advisor-Logo-Color_1

John Cole Scott Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek

John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors, was recently Bloomberg Businessweek Logoquoted in Bloomberg Businessweek. Click HERE to read the article.

Fast Growing Fund Structure Offering Investors Increased Access to Alternative Investments

Richmond, VA, October 2, 2018

CEF Advisors announces it’s launch of data coverage for the interval closed-end fund structure (iCEF) on This adds to their offering full and robust data October 2 Image for iCEF Press Release in Blogcoverage of all US listed closed-end funds and Business Development Companies (BDCs) since 2012, including the only known public profile pages for BDCs.

iCEFs have been growing in popularity as an alternative investment vehicle in recent years even though the first interval fund is almost 30 years old and the SEC officially recognized iCEFs in 1992. According to our database there are 42 funds with $29 Billion in assets compared to the $280 billion in 564 listed CEF/BDC fund universe. The SEC has approved 17 iCEFs from January 1, 2017 through August 30, 2018 and 10 CEF/BDC fund sponsors have launched at least one iCEF. Read more…

ABC’s Of Interval Funds: An Introduction to Closed-Ended Interval Funds

Interval funds (iCEFs) are growing in popularity as an alternative investment vehicle. The SEC officially authorized iCEFs in 1992 as a best of both world’s alternative to closed-ended and open-ended funds. iCEFs had a slow start, the second iCEF wasn’t created until 2001 and the third fund formed in 2005. The structure is a small (0.1%) portion of the overall multitrillion dollar fund industry. However, iCEFs are growing assets quickly, in the 50% range annually with 42 current funds with a combined $28.52B in AUM as of August 31, 2018. This compares to CEF/BDC listed AUM of $280 billion in 564 funds according to Read more…

Chuck Jaffe MoneyLife “Market Call” Interview of John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors on October 1, 2018.

MoneyLifeliveJohn Cole Scott was interviewed by Chuck Jaffe on Money Life on October 1, 2018. Click here to listen to John discuss the following Tickers:
AEF, DNI, EXD, GHY, KTF; during “Hold It or Fold It:” BIF, GOF, JPC, CCD, FMO

Click HERE to stream the audio from this interview or
right click HERE to download the file and listen another time.

MoneyLife host Chuck Jaffe is senior columnist for MarketWatch. His weekly columns are syndicated nationally, and his “Your Funds” column is the most widely read feature on mutual fund investing in America. He is also the host of “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe,” a weekday radio show/podcast. In 2009, Chuck was named to MutualFundWire’s list of the 40 Most Influential People in Fund Distribution, the only journalist ever to make the list. Learn more on their website:

Check Out the SmartTrust CEFA Select BDC Trust strategy video

Smartrust ImageClick on the link and on the thumbnail to hear John Cole Scott’s analysis on SmartTrust’s CEFA Select BDC Trust strategy video.



Click on the link below

Check Out John Cole Scott’s Appearance on The Street’s Webcast “Why Closed-End Funds Could Deliver a Powerful Income Portfolio Boost”

Click on the link below to listen to CEFA’s John Cole Scott give his insights on The Streets September JCS-Street-2016-0417, 2018 webcast titled “Why Closed-End Funds Could Deliver a Powerful Income Portfolio Boost”.